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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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Trial by Canoe

These are the assembled and edited journal entries from a canoe trip done by Eddie and Scott that was to stretch from Lake Louise all the way to Edmonton. The mission was to portage canoe and gear up the Pipestone River and beyond from Lake Louise about sixty kilometers. This includes two mountain passes and ends on the headwaters of the Clearwater River. From there, the Clearwater would be navigated via canoe 200 km to Rocky Mountain House and join up with the North Saskatchewan River. This river would then take us around 250 km back to Edmonton.

Clearwater River Expedition

A one-hundred and twenty kilometer trek Eddie and Scott did by foot along the Clearwater River in Alberta, Canada with an additional one-hundred kilometers of hitch hiking. The journey started in Rocky Mountain House and finished in Lake Louise.


The Search for Serenity

A mission to find the canoe called Serenity and it's contents left four years ago along the Clearwater River during Trial by Canoe. The journey started at Abraham Lake and followed Whiterabbit Creek up onto the Ram River before descending into the Clearwater Valley. Once finished the return trip follows the Siffleur River back to Abraham Lake. The hike took about two weeks.

Fish Lakes 2018

A hike up Mosquito Creek towards the Fish Lakes with friends James and Alex.

Abraham Lake 2017

A quick few days across Abraham Lake and up Mount Michener with my father and brother.


Inspired by a big giant grass spider living in my garage, this is my bugs gallery.

Mosquito Creek 2012

A winter journey up Mosquito Creek in the dead of the winter with my father and brother.

Shea Creak

A trip by helicopter to Shea Creek in northern British Columbia with Scott and Steve. The stint lasted a couple weeks.

The Wallpaper

The mission is to create a 360° HDR tone mapped panoramic wallpaper of a clearing along the Pipestone River for my daughter's room.

Smoky River

A hike up the Smoky River with Scott in 2007.

Grande Cache

A little hike near Grande Cache with Leighton in 2006. Shot in film.


This is the family photo gallery. Note that it is password protected. If you feel you should have access to it contact me.

Mexico 2009

A journey through the Chiapas with Scott starting in Puerto Vallarta and ending in Cancun.

Algonquin Provincial Park 2012

A canoe trip along the Petawawa River going up to Eustache Lake.

Algonquin Provincial Park 2010

A canoe trip around Algonquin Provincial Park.

The Camp

Four years of a small dwelling set up on the outskirts of Edmonton.

The Ural

Fun with a Ural sidecar motorcyle from the former Soviet Union.


A short bicycle trip to Drumheller with two friends in 2006.

Mexico 2008

A trip to Mexico with Leighton and his wife Stacy in 2008.

Mosquito Creek 2005

A small hike up Mosquito Creek with Scott in 2005.

Abraham Lake 2005

Canoeing Abraham Lake with Leighton in 2005.